Coffee Filter Wreath

Remember my Pinterest addiction.  Here is one reason why I am addicted.  I found a tutorial on making a wreath out of coffee filters.  There are several coffee filter wreaths out in the blogging world – but I found my instructions on

                                      This is a picture of my finished wreath!

I made it in one hour.  All you need is a foam wreath, coffee filters, and straight pins.  I used a 18 inch wreath and natural colored coffee filters.  

        The coffee filters seem to want to stick together so I separated them before I started. 

                                     Pinch the bottom of the coffee filter together.

                                     Pin the filter to the wreath with a straight pin. 

I started on the outside of the wreath and made a row all the way around before starting to fill in.

                                   The wreath as I start filling in the middle.

I love a fun project that can be finished in one sitting!   I used approximately 100 coffee filters (we may not be able to have coffee in the morning).  I had all the items at home except for the wreath – and that was easy enough to find.   I plan to make one soon with the white filters to use in one of my bedrooms.  A mixed wreath with the natural and white filters would be neat too -don’t you think?   That might have to be a project for my mom’s door.  I can think of a bunch of ways to personallize the wreath….hmm…possibly fall flowers, feathers or ribbons added.  Wonder how a quick spray with paint to tip the edges of the coffee filters would look?  Any suggestions on making these wreaths more personal – please comment!!!  One of my daughters suggested maybe using cupcake liners in place of the coffee filters would give more color options.   It will be fun to see what suggestions you have.

I plan on hanging this at work on my door at work.  I need to get a brown ribbon to loop around the wreath and let it hang down with a pretty bow tied at the top. 

Just remember…this wreath will not work outdoors unless it is protected from the weather.  A wet coffee filter wreath hanging on a door could be a reflection of how one feels outside in the Kentucky heat and humidity!

Happy Crafting!